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Greatever Carbon Fiber Free Diving Fins Pocket

Greatever Carbon Fiber Free Diving Fins Pocket

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The new foot pocket design includes several high stiffness straps that have been studied to give the foot full firmness and restraint (from toe to big toe). This feature allows better transmission of foot driving forces, resulting in virtually zero dissipation due to rubber deformation.

High stiffness sole: The foot pocket has a reinforced sole, which avoids deformation of the foot pocket sole under blade load, allowing the use of various blades. Blade pocket stiffness allows perfect blade restraint and increases the efficiency of any blade by 30%.

Open Water Flow System: New foot pockets are designed to direct water flow, creating a channel next to the foot, this "sparless" system has been studied to optimize hydrodynamic efficiency.


1.Is this sold as a pair or individually? 

It is individual,one pocket,if you need a pair,please purchase two.

2.Install screw kit included?

Yes! These pockets do have the screw kit included with your purchase. They come completely ready to take a blade and go in the water!

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