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Greatever Diving Scuba Tank --Bright

Greatever Diving Scuba Tank --Bright

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1. Portable, suitable for outdoor and travel.
2. A variety of inflation methods, support high pressure manual pump, high pressure electric air pump or use refill adapter.
3. Small, portable and lightweight, easy to carry.
4. Breathe underwater diving with complete freedom.
5. The use of aviation aluminum, in line with diving equipment manufacturing standards.


Model Number

 S5000Plus packageE

Size 8.5*40.2 CM
2.39KG (5.26LB)
Impact Resistance(M)
10 M
Breathing Time 15-25 minutes(Depends on vital capacity)
Maximum Pressure
3000PSI / 200BAR / 20MPA
Space Aluminum
Surface Treatment
Hard Oxidation+Spraying
Color For Bottle
Inflatable High Pressure Manual Pump , High Pressure Electric Air Pump,Refill Adapter
Applications Field
Outdoor water sports, Snorkeling and recreation, Emergency deep backup emergency gas sources, Fire and marine emergency rescue, Adventure etc.
Standard Accessories
1 *S5000B Air Tank
1 *Diving mask
1 *Manual Pump
1 *Refill Adapter
1 *Diving Storage Bag
1 *Handbag