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Greatever Dual Diving Snorkel Mask -- Banish

Greatever Dual Diving Snorkel Mask -- Banish

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  • Ergonomic design for perfect fit HD tempered glass Environmentally,Friendly Silicone Material.
  • Unique PVC Frame Double Pane Lens, Super low volume design for free diving.
  • TEMPERED GLASS: 10% harder than others Resist scratches and cracks.
  • Silicone Skirt 100% hypo-allergenic 100% Silicone seal of surgical grade.
  • This mask provides divers with stability and comfort when wearing the mask thanks to its wide strap which sits comfortably at the back of the head.


Product Name Diving Snorkel Mask
Material Seal skirt/Strap:Silicone Lens:Tempered Glass
Frame:PVC Frame
Size 15x 8 cm
Color Black
Feature 180 Degree View/Eco-friendly
Style Creative, Fashion
Application Swimming,Snorkel,Diving,Freediving
Packing  Plastic Box or Mesh Box
Advantage Wide field of view,high-volume,180 degree panoramic vision,anti fog anti leak,quickly release button,Bigger View Bigger World



1.Is the snorkel mask one size fits all?

Yes, this dive snorkel set is perfect for adults. It comes with fully adjustable head straps and high-grade silicon face skirt which molds to fit virtually any face shape.

2.Does the nose portion seal the entire nose; i.e. seals the nares from taking in water?

Yes, the portion of the mask that goes over the nose does cover the entire nose.

3.Did it come with a snorkel tube? And what kind of snorkel I should buy?

We are sorry to say it is only the mask, we have kinds of snorkel tubes in our shop that will fit this mask, you can choose one.

4.Can mask be worn with glasses?
The glass frames would break the seal and cause leaking,we suggest you wear contact lenses.

5.Does it leak while using it?

Please rest assured.Any mask of our store has been tested.  As long as you wear the mask correctly and make it fits properly,it won't leak. Make sure there aren’t any loose strands of hair or facial hair under the mask skirt since this can prevent a tight seal from forming and cause leakage. 6.How can i prevent fogging? You Mask will also need to be washed regularly to remove dust, dirt, salt and oils from your skin. Once your mask is clean you can treat it with a de-fogging agent so that it doesn’t fog up.