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Greatever Full Face Mask +Fins -- Turbo

Greatever Full Face Mask +Fins -- Turbo

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Diving with confidence and enjoy a broad field of vision with this snorkel mask and fins set. The mask is waterproof and anti-fog, making it ideal for visibility in all conditions. The fins are made from durable material that provides strength and responsiveness, while the entire set is safe and reliable.

Size Chart 

Snorkel Mask

TIPS:Please measure the length from the bridge of nose to the base of chin,and then choose the appropriate snorkeling mask according to the length.

  Size Length
  S/M  Less than 4.7 inch(12cm),please choose size S/M
 L/XL   More than 4.7 inch(12cm),please choose size L/XL


Swim Fins

XS 3-5 36-38
S 6-7 38-40
M 7-9 40-42
 L 9-11 42-44


1.Will this snorkel mask fog up? How do you fog proof it?

Our masks make special low fog lenses to increase visibility as you snorkel.The fogging problem usually won't happen.  Using some sort of defogging solution will help to decrease the chances of your mask fogging up.A common option is some defogging drops or spray before use. Another option is using mild baby shampoo or basic toothpaste, simply apply a few drops, rub it around and quickly rinse it out. 

2.Will the mask leak?

Please rest assured.Any mask of our store has been tested.  As long as you wear the mask correctly and make it fits properly,it won't leak. Make sure there aren’t any loose strands of hair or facial hair under the mask skirt since this can prevent a tight seal from forming and cause leakage.

3.The shoe size is for men or women? 
The fin shoe size is not divided into male and female size, please choose according to your foot size.