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Greatever Green Mini Scuba Air Tank - Noble

Greatever Green Mini Scuba Air Tank - Noble

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Model Number

S5000PLUS-Package B

Size 8.5*40.2 CM
2.39 KG
Color Green
Breathing Time 15-25 minutes(Depends on vital capacity)
Surface Treatment
Hard Oxidation+Spraying
Space Aluminum
Inflatable High Pressure Manual Pump , High Pressure Electric Air Pump,Refill Adapter
Applications Field
Outdoor water sports, Snorkeling and recreation, Emergency deep backup emergency gas sources, Fire and marine emergency rescue, Adventure etc.
Standard Accessories
1 *S5000B AirTank
1 *Snorkel Mask
1 *Mask Converter
1 *Diving Storage Bag
1 * Hand Bag
1 *Refill Adapter