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Greatever Mini Scuba Diving Bottle Mini Diving Tank with Pump-- Pinnacle

Greatever Mini Scuba Diving Bottle Mini Diving Tank with Pump-- Pinnacle

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【Diving equipment】:1 *S5000B AirTank,1 *Snorkel Mask,1 *Mask Converter,1 *Diving Storage Bag,1 * Hand Bag ,1 *Refill Adapter.

【Diving Tank】:The diving tank is made of aviation aluminum, which is strong and light, with strong pressure resistance, up to 3000PSI/200BAR/20Mpa. All diving tanks are DOT certified, safe and reliable. The submersible tank is equipped with a light-emitting pressure gauge, made of 316 stainless steel, and functions as usual at 60 meters underwater, so that you can know the remaining air in the tank at any time.

【breathing system】:Chrome-plated all-brass breathing head + all-aluminum breathing valve is anti-rust, resistant to seawater corrosion and not easy to be blocked. The all-silicone respirator has a smooth texture and no peculiar smell. It has a built-in high-grade filter for smoother breathing.The 1L capacity diving cylinder can allow you to breathe 340 times underwater, about 20 minutes, depending on your breathing rate and diving depth.
【Portable】:After you disassemble the diving equipment, you can take it on the plane and accompany you to any place for diving. This is a scuba breathing device suitable for recreational diving within ten meters.The mini-light diving cabin is suitable for underwater.


Model Number S5000B
Size φ85*402mm
Bottle capacity
Breathing Time 20-25minutes(Depends on vital capacity)
2.04KG (4.49 LB)
Impact resistance(M)
Aluminum 6061-T6+Food grade silicone
Surface treatment
Hard oxidation >40um
Color Selection for bottle
Black、Blue、Orange Yellow、Fluorescent Green
Inflatable High-pressure pump inflation、Scuba adapter、 Electric inflation pump
Applications Field
Outdoor water sports、Snorkeling and recreation、Emergency deep backup emergency gas sources、 Fire and marine emergency rescue、Adventure etc


Warm Propmt

1. Before using this product, please carefully read and understand the product manual.
2. The aeration value of the product shall not exceed 20MPA.
3. Do not fill gas with oxygen content greater than 40%.
4. It will be faster to inflate the product using a matching special switch through a large oxygen tank or an electric pump. Manual inflating pump is used as a backup filling method.
5. After filling the air, you must release the pressure first! Otherwise it could be dangerous.


1.What's the Max dept?
It is considered to have a safe depth limit of about 10 meters. Do not try to use it in deep diving. It can be used as a spare air source for deep diving within 30 meters.
2.Can the valve be removed so that the interior of the tank is visible? This is a requirement for air travel with a scuba tank.
Yes, the breathing head and the bottle can be separated. Convenient to travel and carry.
3.Where should you store it when not in use?
Typically scuba tanks should be stored in a dry place at least partially full.
4.Can you refill the tank with the manual pump as much as you want? or you need to go to a store to refill it ?
Yes, you can use manual pump to refill the air manually or you can use converter and visit any diving shop where they can refill the air. With manual pump it will be longer, but any option is perfectly fine.
5.Are there issues with breathing aluminum dust?
It uses multiple layers of filtration to ensure breathing safety.
6.How many minutes of air does this tank provide?
That is completely dependent on the user. Size, breathing volume and rate, amount and type of activities, depth of use, etc. all contribute to "time."Generally,it's 20-25 Minutes.



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Great for staying under water longer

    Really enjoy scuba diving so next best thing is having this little tank to be under water for 20 minutes or so. Easy to use and carry.

    Justin Peek
    Great customer support.

    Great customer service replaced a faulty compressor quickly with no hassle.I highly recommend.The product I ordered arrived earlier than expected.Everything works and I use it whenever I dive... Just about daily.

    Good Quality

    I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this - very good fit and finish and I don’t think if you bought this in a dive shop it would look any better. The shoulder holder works well. Those are the pluses. There are some minor minuses which I will list here:The gauge is a little hard to read the numbers, but once you figure out what numbers go with the color code, you’re fine.The mouth low pressure valve is a little sticky - in other words, as you breath in, it really takes a good bit of negative lung pressure to get it to activate fully. It wasn’t too bad - I like it a little bit that way so you don’t use so much air. Also, the front unscrews easily and comes apart nicely. There is a tiny nut on the actual valve and it looks like this may be an adjustment for this. Haven’t gotten around to looking for my tiny wrenches yet.The directions are OK, but not very detailed - for instance there is nothing about adjusting the second stage valve and the English is OK, but not great.The little cap that covers the fill nipple is not a tight enough fit. This lets water get into the fill nipple which if you’re not careful, will end up in the tank when you next fill it.Worst off, the low pressure hose smelled terribly of industrial manufacturing. Not breathing grade. I soaked and rinsed off the secondary valve and hose, and noticed a slight oily residue on top of the water. Then I assembled it and pumped up the tank to about 2000 psi to try it out. After 5 minutes using it in the pool, my lungs started to burn. I stopped, and let the air out. I rinsed out the hose several more times, noticing there was still a slight oily residue on the water. I also washed out the interior of the tank this time. I’m afraid they used an industrial hose instead of one specifically for breathing. However, it is also possible my pump contributed to this. I do have an oil-free pump, but I will now get the tank filled with scuba air and see if I notice a difference. If I do, I will update here appropriately. If my lungs continue to burn and I can determine it’s because of the hose, this will end up a one-star.