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Greatever Mini Scuba Diving Bottle -- Pinnacle

Greatever Mini Scuba Diving Bottle -- Pinnacle

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【Diving equipment】:1 *S5000B AirTank,1 *Snorkel Mask,1 *Mask Converter,1 *Diving Storage Bag,1 * Hand Bag ,1 *Refill Adapter.

【Diving Tank】:The diving tank is made of aviation aluminum, which is strong and light, with strong pressure resistance, up to 3000PSI/200BAR/20Mpa. All diving tanks are DOT certified, safe and reliable. The submersible tank is equipped with a light-emitting pressure gauge, made of 316 stainless steel, and functions as usual at 60 meters underwater, so that you can know the remaining air in the tank at any time.

【breathing system】:Chrome-plated all-brass breathing head + all-aluminum breathing valve is anti-rust, resistant to seawater corrosion and not easy to be blocked. The all-silicone respirator has a smooth texture and no peculiar smell. It has a built-in high-grade filter for smoother breathing.The 1L capacity diving cylinder can allow you to breathe 340 times underwater, about 20 minutes, depending on your breathing rate and diving depth.

【Portable】:After you disassemble the diving equipment, you can take it on the plane and accompany you to any place for diving. This is a scuba breathing device suitable for recreational diving within ten meters.The mini-light diving cabin is suitable for underwater.



Model Number S5000B
Size φ85*402mm
Bottle capacity
Breathing Time 20-25minutes(Depends on vital capacity)
2.04KG (4.49 LB)
Impact resistance(M)
Aluminum 6061-T6+Food grade silicone
Surface treatment
Hard oxidation >40um
Color Selection for bottle
Black、Blue、Orange Yellow、Fluorescent Green
Inflatable High-pressure pump inflation、Scuba adapter、 Electric inflation pump
Applications Field
Outdoor water sports、Snorkeling and recreation、Emergency deep backup emergency gas sources、 Fire and marine emergency rescue、Adventure etc