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Greatever Scuba Diving 0.5L Air Tank --Shock

Greatever Scuba Diving 0.5L Air Tank --Shock

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[Portable Diving]:Equipment Constant pressure breathing is stable,lightweight and portable.

 [Safety to use]: Food-grade silicone cigarette holder, to ensure safe and easier breathing. The diving cylinder adopts a safe low pressure and can be refilled for use. It is equipped with a filling adapter, so you can easily pump air into the bottle. This product has passed DOT certification and complies with international standards for diving equipment, please rest assured to use it.

[Pressure and corrosion resistance]: The entire aviation aluminum shell is made of aluminum alloy, which can better resist internal corrosion. The 0.5L mini diving cylinder is small, but very sturdy and can hold a lot of compressed gas. 

 What do you get:

1 * S4000PLUS Air Tank
1 * Refill Adapter
1 * Adult Diving Glasses
1 * Missed Rope
1 * Small Hand Bag




Model Number

S4000PLUS-Package A


6.2*36 CM


1.74 KG



Breathing Time

5-15 Minutes (Depends on vital capacity)


Space Aluminum


Surface Treatment

Hard Oxidation+Spraying


High Pressure Manual Pump , High Pressure Electric Air Pump,Refill Adapter

Applications Field

Outdoor water sports, Snorkeling and recreation, Emergency deep backup emergency gas sources, Fire and marine emergency rescue, Adventure etc.