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Thank you for choosing Greatever Snorkeling & Diving Products. To register your warranty, pls fill out the form below.

Our warranty lasts two years. For the first year, we will cover replacement parts ,accessories or replace products shipping fees . For the second year, we’ll cover replacement parts only.

Our two-year warranty covers snorkel set, full face snorkel mask, snorkel fins, wetsuit, snorkel tube, and other parts of your Greatever Diving & snorkeling products.

This warranty only cover to products sold in the official Amazon store and official website.

Please note this page is for purchases made through this website or the GreateverDirect store on sites such as Amazon. For purchases made through Greatever’s authorized resellers, please contact them directly.

All products purchased from Greatever come with a hassle-free warranty. You can find the precise warranty period of your product on the literature inside its box or on this chart. You can also verify the warranty period with our customer service team in the body of your message.


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