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Greatever Full Face Snorkel Mask and Fins Set
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Customer Reviews

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Krishan Sparks
Breathe comfortably and easily

The seal is good around the mask and the seal is very good. Easy to adjust to perfect size and comfortable.

Mariam Preston
Enjoy Bahamas Vacation

We purchased this full-face snorkeling kit and another traditional snorkeling kit for our trip to Cancun. The full face kit feels so much better, doesn't require any special effort, and breathes almost like a normal person. The seal is great, looks cool, and the fins are easy to adjust. We enjoyed it a lot.

Evie Levy

Great snorkel kit for my son. Comes with a valve, GoPro attachment, and a compact carry bag. Doesn't take up too much space when packing luggage. Fast shipping and great service.

Azaan Houston
Better than traditional face mask

I like how comfortable and lightweight the snorkel kit is. It is much easier to use than traditional goggles + snorkel. It can be folded for easy carrying.

Isha Rives
Great product

Bought this kit for snorkeling on vacation in Belize. The full face mask was wonderful, no fogging up and saw more fish underwater. The product is more comfortable than having the snorkel in your mouth. The flippers are easy to adjust.

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