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Greatever Full Face Snorkel Mask and Fins Set
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Customer Reviews

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Alison Gaines
Fins fit perfectt, mask scratches are hard to remove

I wear a ladies size 8 shoes. When wore these fins with water socks that room is full. Nothing wrong with the mask, just be careful not to cut into it, scratches are hard to remove with this material.

Curtis Barnes
Fast shipping, perfect fit

My family was planning a trip to Guadalupe and this kit came in time and was delivered before we went. Haven't tried it at sea. The sizing is perfect and the flipper straps are adjustable enough for even my mom, sister and I to share.

Krishan Sparks
Breathe comfortably and easily

The seal is good around the mask and the seal is very good. Easy to adjust to perfect size and comfortable.

Minnie Olson
Non-trivial and wonderful

My brother bought one of these snorkeling kits and I tried it once and it felt non-trivial and wonderful. I immediately ordered this one. Exactly the same comfortable feeling, very happy.

Mariam Preston
Enjoy Bahamas Vacation

We purchased this full-face snorkeling kit and another traditional snorkeling kit for our trip to Cancun. The full face kit feels so much better, doesn't require any special effort, and breathes almost like a normal person. The seal is great, looks cool, and the fins are easy to adjust. We enjoyed it a lot.

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