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Swimming Cap - Major

Swimming Cap - Major

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  •  Made using the highest quality materials

  • Tested to give you the edge in all your activities

  • Used by both professional and recreational users

  • This swim cap is supposed to fit tighter to keep warmth.

  • Warm and comfortable

  • Perfect for triathlon and fitness training

  • Polyurethane coated


1.Whats the difference between silicone and latex cap? Which one is more comfortable?

Silicone tends to be really stretchy and more durable. Latex is stretchy but tends to grab onto long hair and pull, which is less comfortable.

2.Do these keep water from getting in yours ears?

No,we'd suggest wear an ear plugs.

3.Does this cap keep your head warm in cold weather?

It may, it is more to reduce drag in the water as you swim.

4.Do these come in different sizes? 

 Only one size fits all - Adult recommended.

5.How do you wash it?

We recommend rinsing your gear off with freshwater after every use. You can run the cap under the sink or under the showers at the pool to remove any excess chemicals from the pool. To dry, we simply recommend using a towel or air drying away from direct sunlight.