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Customer Reviews

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Mila Tate
This is the flipper I've always wanted

This is the flipper I've always wanted. The ones I've used before always hurt the backs of my feet because the material is so hard; but this one doesn't have that problem at all, it fits perfectly!

Anna Bates
Worth the price

Slightly more expensive than other fins, but good performance and less of a burden. Worth buying.

Katelyn Carpenter
Better wear dive socks

I tried to wear dive boots with the fins but failed, there was not enough room. It's also possible that the water boots are too thick. I had to snorkel barefoot and the fins work okay, but the water temperature was too cold, I think I would have been better to buy a pair of socks.

Da gross
I bought 4 pairs and all in good quality

I bought 4 pairs, one for each of us as we travel. The quality is all good, no breakage and we all love the colors.

Melanie Cook
Great quality and price

I have used it twice and it works great, my feet feel very comfortable in the water.

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