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Greatever Classic Exploration Snorkel Fins

Greatever Classic Exploration Snorkel Fins

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The swim fins are adjustable to fit different foot sizes, with a special open toe and excellent flame-shaped mesh instep design that reduces resistance and makes you feel more comfortable and breathable. Made of reliable material and suitable for travel,these fins are perfect for anyone who loves water.


Size Chart

Warm Tips
1.Take the American standard size as a reference.Please purchase size up if wear with diver booties together.

2.Greatever snorkel fins adjustable strap design allows you to adjust the size of the fins.

Size Adult's
S/M 4.5-8.5
M/L 9-13



1.Do these flippers float?

The swim fin is made by TPR+PP, it is just like big shoes. So it couldn't float directly. But it indeed can provide buoyancy when swimming.

2.Can you swim fast in these?

Yes, you can. these fins can help you swim like a breeze.

3.How much do they weigh?

It is ‎0.8 Kilograms.

4.Is the fin part of this hard plastic or soft rubber?
The fin part is not too soft and not too hard and it's a combination of PP plastic and TPR rubber materials which can ensure flexibility when in use. 

5.How do you adjust the strap? 
Pull & hold the tab while adjusting the strap to loosen or tighten for fitting.