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Greatever Single Lens Mask- Magic

Greatever Single Lens Mask- Magic

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  • Food grade silicone material,more confortable and resistant to breakage.
  • Crystal clear and panoramic view.
  • Hydordynamic and compact designe for unparalleled comfort.



1.Is this mask anti fog?

Our masks make special low fog lenses to increase visibility as you snorkel.The fogging problem usually won't happened.

2.Does it has tempered glass or polycarbon?

It is made by tempered lens.

3.Does the item include the snorkel?

This is only the snorkel mask, but we have the kinds of snorkels in the shop you can choose from. This mask is also suited for any other snorkel.

4.Can I wear a glass when using this mask?

The glass frames would break the seal and cause leaking,we suggest you wear contact lenses.

5.Will the mask leak?

Please rest assured.Any mask of our store has been tested.  As long as you wear the mask correctly and make it fits properly,it won't leak. Make sure there aren’t any loose strands of hair or facial hair under the mask skirt since this can prevent a tight seal from forming and cause leakage.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jamie E
This mask looks small when you get it. When you put it on you realize that's not important.

This mask looks small when you get it. When you put it on you realize that's not important.I've been snorkeling and diving for almost 35 years now, I think I've probably tried 50 masks in that period of time. This is the most comfortable mask I've ever put on full stop. It does look small out of the box, I almost laughed when I opened it. But, it fits so close to the eyes, it doesn't matter. I have better peripheral vision out of this than probably 90% or maybe all the masks I've ever used. It seals comfortably to the face faster than any mask I've used as well. And I fully appreciate it may not work for everyone's face shape and size but for me, this mask is quite literally as good as it gets IME. And going further, the ski goggle strap is the most obvious upgrade that every mask should have, it's totally crazy nobody else is using this style strap. I can get this thing on and perfectly sealed without pulling any hair out in under 1 second.The only thing I wish is they had an option with a purge on it. I know some people think they are gimmicky, for people like me who have some chronic sinus issues, they are very useful. But, that's not any deduction, just a I wish there was a version with the option. Beyond that, I can't think of any way to improve on this. Assuming you don't get one that leaks, as I've read a few reviews on, this is the best mask I've ever used, there's not even a close second place. It's expensive as heck but if you dive frequently, and this fits your face, it's worth it.

Great purchase and fast delivery

Arrived super fast (one day), item as described and in good condition.

A mask for those with facial hair

I have a thicker beard that usually blocks masks from keeping a good seal. This mask resolves that issue with the double silicone seal. I've now dived in the calm Cayman Islands and the turbulent Indian ocean and never had a problem with this mask. It does take some time to adjust to your best fit, but once you do, it's perfect. I love the quick release clamp, which makes removing very easy.

Patrick Smith
Love it

Works great I have a beard and mustache and the double layer seal kept the water out like a charm

Eileen Noltkamper
It was given away as a gift

It was given as a gift.