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Greatever Single Lens - Magic

Greatever Single Lens - Magic

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  • Food grade silicone material,more confortable and resistant to breakage.
  • Crystal clear and panoramic view.
  • Hydordynamic and compact designe for unparalleled comfort.



1.Is this mask anti fog?

Our masks make special low fog lenses to increase visibility as you snorkel.The fogging problem usually won't happened.

2.Does it has tempered glass or polycarbon?

It is made by tempered lens.

3.Does the item include the snorkel?

This is only the snorkel mask, but we have the kinds of snorkels in the shop you can choose from. This mask is also suited for any other snorkel.

4.Can I wear a glass when using this mask?

The glass frames would break the seal and cause leaking,we suggest you wear contact lenses.

5.Will the mask leak?

Please rest assured.Any mask of our store has been tested.  As long as you wear the mask correctly and make it fits properly,it won't leak. Make sure there aren’t any loose strands of hair or facial hair under the mask skirt since this can prevent a tight seal from forming and cause leakage.