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Absolutely life-changing

For some background, I haven’t been snorkeling for many years because of my horrible eyesight (-5.50). Last time I went on a snorkeling tour, everyone was excitedly pointing to different things they saw and I couldn’t see a single thing. I cried. Haven’t been snorkeling since.I had a vacation to Hawaii coming up and some people told me I should get prescription goggles, I had no idea these existed! I searched all around and these were by far the cheapest and quickest to receive (last minute buy) and wow. Just wow. This has single-handedly changed my life. I could SEE at the beach. I could SEE underwater! I saw many fish, in great detail!! It was incredible! Never thought I’d experience that again. It’s been one of my greatest joys I’ve experienced in recent times all thanks to this super affordable purchase. The prescriptions here are only estimations and will never match your glasses, so you will not see 20/20 with these, but when you’re underwater it really doesn’t matter that much. I seriously recommend these goggles for anyone who has a high prescription like me, these are incredible and so so affordable. Included traveling case, ear plugs, and nose plug are also a very nice addition.Now, reason I gave this 4 stars and not 5 is because despite this being an amazing product, there are some issues that don’t put the experience completely up-to-par with regular goggles. My biggest and only real complaint is that there’s no nose coverage. I don’t understand why they made it like this. A nose plug is included that does the job, but it’s uncomfortable and you can easily lose it. It wouldn’t be necessary if it was just part of the mask.Another thing is that you have to tighten the mask extremely tight to keep water out. I don’t snorkel often so I don’t know how it compares to other masks, but that was annoying and after a while it gave my forehead a nice big bruise.A nice addition would be a snorkel tube as well. It would be nice not having to buy an extra item if it could just be included with the mask. I don’t mind paying a little extra for that.Despite these last few things, they are very trivial and not in any way deal breakers compared to how amazing the product works. Thank you so much for changing my life! I’d love to try out future versions of this with the necessary updates.

Zhe Hou

It works very well. I finally can see clear in the water. No leaks.

Tyrell England
Hubby loved them!

Since my husband didnt want to shave his beard to snorkle, he got these AND was able to get his prescription. Best purchase ever for a water vacation...and no more lost prescription glasses!!

Good prescription swim goggles. Very comfortable.

Very comfortable swim goggles. I used it in my pool and it fits very well, no leaks.

The best goggles ever!

I love the water and swim all year round. These are THE BEST goggles ever, especially if you are near sighted! I see so clearly under water. I recommend these goggles to EVERYONE! They look very cool and sexy! You cannot beat the price either. Order you a pair NOW before they run out…😁

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