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Backpacking The Arizona

It is hard to imagine any landscape that is emblematic and beautiful more than the landscapes that are situated in Arizona. Arizona is blessed with broad blue skies, huge towering sandstones and the long deserts that stretch as far the eyes can continue to see. There are many ways to enjoy adventure Arizona as I tried my best to explore every adventure activity in my limited time that I got to spend there. However, these activate include mountain hiking in Arizona, bike hiking, rock climbing, and paddling destinations. As per my experience, the best way to explore the deserts in Arizona is n your own feet. Backpacking in Arizona is considered one of the most defined ways to enjoy your holidays and refreshing your mind and soul.

To assist you with picking the ideal journey, I have featured some extraordinary exploring places of different varying lengths by my experience. With these subtleties and the knowledge on Summit Hut staff individuals, you can plan an incredible trip to Arizona  




The Grand Canyon is no doubt the most beautiful and adventures hiking place in Arizona. The 24-mile Canyon is not for the faint of heart, this place does offer some of the incredible views of the countryside. I spent my nights at Bright Angel Campground and Phantom Ranch when I went hiking at Canyon. Both places are not less than any heaven. You can do camping and bonfire over there, at night weather of these places is so refreshing and cozy.

In the first part of the day, you'll bounce on the Bright Angel Trail to start a strenuous 9.5-mile climb that rises 4,500 feet to the highest point of the South Rim. When you've landed at the top, you'll need a bus back over toward the North Rim. The climb should likewise be possible the other way, and some tough hikers even choose a Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim climb. When you arrive at the South Rim, I suggest looking at a couple of the perspectives for various vantage purposes of the Canyon you just climbed through and taking a well-required mid-day break. From here, you'll climb down to the Bright Angel Campground. However, it is one of the top recommended places to visit Arizona.




Arizona certainly wins its parched notoriety in certain zones, yet Fossil Springs isn't one of them. Only two hours from Phoenix, Fossil Springs inside a wild zone is one of the most dependable and productive wellsprings of water in the state, creating around 20,000 gallons consistently. The best part is that the water temperature stays a consistent 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the spring bolsters an excellent environment of hurrying streams, cascades, and huge pools of clear water.

In my view, Fossil Spring is a place where you can sit for hours just to enjoy the view of this place. All you need is a cup of tea or coffee to enjoy this incredible view, as I did the same when I explored this elegant place.

As I remember, so hike from the Fossil Spring is about the eight miles round trip excluding the numerous hike opportunities, so it does make a very good introductory overnight backpacking trip. You can do camping at night (camping is only allowed from October to March) after finding a suitable place in your way as the trail is steep and also drops about 1600 feet. However, it is recommended to take the lightweight while you are planning to visit Fossil Springs.




The Paria Canyon is one of my favorite hikes in Arizona. It is located at the Colorado plateau near the border of Arizona; the Wave is a display of sandstone, waves, and gorge inside Paria Canyon, which sits at the base of Utah's Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and the upper segment of Arizona's Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness territory. The wave is the middle of the National Monument and protected the land. You can spend your life exploring these wildlands, arches, slot canyons and other adventurous places that come while hiking towards The Wave. I recommend you to explore all of these destinations during your hiking.

Moving towards the main location the wave is that much known and popular that a lottery is placed on a daily bases and only the top twenty people are selected to visit there per day. I will advise you to participate in this lottery thing and if you didn't win so there are other places as well such as Vermilion Cliffs and Grand Escalante Areas that can be explored and there are some incredible hikes as well such as Buckskin Gulch that is a must-visit.




You will need about three days and have to cover a distance of about 23 miles to explore these mountains. I visited there in spring that was the best time to hike at Superstitions Mountains. This climb is perhaps the most ideal approaches to explore the Superstition Wilderness 162,000 sections of land of the stunning area and escape from the crowd found in the Grand Canyon! Pack in your backpacking tent and accept it as quick or slow as you'd prefer to get the full understanding or experience. On this mesmerizing hike, you will be trekking towards the White Rock Springs. Make sure that you have registered at the First Water TH.  

The day one will take about 7 miles in that you will explore Weaver’s Neele and Dutchman’s Trail. From this stop or junction, you will climb closer to the mesa. On day two, you will climb 10 miles in a mammoth circle from your base camp. This implies you can leave your camp for one more night. On day 3, pack up camp and afterward head back to the trailhead. On this day, you will again rejoin with Dutchman's and take it right back to the First Water TH. Along these lines, you make a make sense of 8 of the entire trip. However, this hiking spot is one of the memorable spots for me because of the different stops that I explored while hiking towards the Superstitions Mountains.


  1. Echo Trail Camelback Mountain, Phoenix


For the best hike at Phoenix, look no more distant than a climb up Camelback Mountain. You'll have the option to recognize this notorious mountain from various city vantage focuses, yet the best view is without a doubt from the top. Start the climb at Echo Canyon Trailhead, and rapidly start the precarious move to the top. It is just a 1.2-mile climb, yet with 1,300 feet in rising gain, it can feel very steep.

The initial step of the hike is generally moderate, however as it climbs the climb can get progressively troublesome. Try not to think little of this climb, as quite a bit of it is uncovered in the sweltering warmth, and warmth fatigue is a genuine concern. This climb sees a greater number of salvages every year than some other climb in a metropolitan region in the US, generally because individuals are ill-equipped and less-prepared.

As I know, this hike hardly took two hours of mine when I went there. However, this is the best place for hiking in the morning so you can easily explore the other city places after getting free from Camelback Mountain.



Some further hiking spots are considered as the best mentions at Arizona, I did experience some of them that are as follows,


It is used to be one of my favorite hikes in Arizona and now has become more popular because of its breathtaking location. However, now getting reservations here is also not less than a war. It is suggested to reserve the hiking at Havasu Falls as soon as the season of hiking at this place started.


One of the most beautiful and peaceful hiking spots in Arizona. This hiking takes about 5 miles to reach your desired destination. All over it is pretty easy that can be done by every individual easily and a year-round hike.

My experience at Arizona is one of the best and memorable experiences that I consider. I did explore every known place and spots that are famous at this place. Arizona is all about hiking and exploring spots. No doubt my vacation at Arizona refreshes me in a very good way.

Moreover, make sure when you are going for hiking or camping, you are well equipped and have enough strength to make this journey well successful. Products of hiking from Greatever are recommended by me. The camps produce by this company are strong and have more life more than other products. Further details about these products can be gained by the following link

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