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Greatever Carbon Fiber Free Diving Fins - Goal

Greatever Carbon Fiber Free Diving Fins - Goal

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Fins made of 100% pure carbon. Made from a blend of aerospace-grade carbon fiber from Germany and Japan. Using a revolutionary Resin Infusion method, the lightest feasible blades with excellent mechanical and structural performance may be produced.

Each blade has nine layers of varying weights and fiber directions, resulting in an ergonomic, changeable flex that is suitable for extended ascents while putting the least amount of strain on the diver’s leg musculature.

The unique structural design of the blades was pioneered by Greatever to allow the blades to be soft when finning with minimal effort and stiffen up once more force is applied. The stiffness of the blades essentially varies in response to the energy applied by the diver, virtually eliminating energy loss. S-Wing ergonomic foot pockets with full-length elastic silicone railing by Cetma Composites.