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Greatever Carbon Fiber Free Diving Fins - Goal

Greatever Carbon Fiber Free Diving Fins - Goal

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Fins made of 100% pure carbon. Made from a blend of aerospace-grade carbon fiber from Germany and Japan. Using a revolutionary Resin Infusion method, the lightest feasible blades with excellent mechanical and structural performance may be produced.

Each blade has nine layers of varying weights and fiber directions, resulting in an ergonomic, changeable flex that is suitable for extended ascents while putting the least amount of strain on the diver’s leg musculature.

The unique structural design of the blades was pioneered by Greatever to allow the blades to be soft when finning with minimal effort and stiffen up once more force is applied. The stiffness of the blades essentially varies in response to the energy applied by the diver, virtually eliminating energy loss. S-Wing ergonomic foot pockets with full-length elastic silicone railing by Cetma Composites.

 Get more thrust with less effort.

Greatever Carbon Fiber Freedving Fins deliver unprecedented thrust for the diver.
With its 29° blade angle, Greatever achieves maximum power and efficiency, making it a must-have tool in any freediving arsenal.

Get the most out of your freediving


Interchangeable blade made from special techno polymer that maximizes flexibility and reactivity.
Soft foot pocket reduced foot fatigue, stiff and responsive reinforced base, maximum energy transfer.
22degree angle between blade and foot optimizes thrust power with less effort. Innovative closed-shoe free diving fins. Comfortable full foot pocket.

Water channeling rails & Carbon Fibre Blade


Greatever blades have water channeling rails, and rails that snap into the foot pocket tendons. We designed and manufactured each type of rail specifically for these tasks. Correct water channeling rails are improtatnt for stabilizing the fin in the water and protecting the blade side edges against impact, without adding unnecessary weight to the blade. Foot pocket rail shape is important for ease of installation of the blades in foot pockets, and the holding power of the foot pocket tendons over the blade.


1.Are this fins medium or soft ?

This Fins are of medium firmness.

2.What is the difference between these "pure carbon" and the less expensive "carbon fiber" model?

Carbon fiber is a so called sandwich (fiberglass in the middle of the blade and carbon fiber on top and bottom).
Pure Carbon is carbon fiber only, without any fiberglass.
Because of this, Pure carbon fins are lighter, quicker and better in terms of performance.

3.What is the length of blade only, when disassembled from foot-pocket?

The length is 85cm|33.4 inch.

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Customer Reviews

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Didier Crouzet
They are good, sturdy fins, and I received them earlier than expected.

Dood Rugged Impulse Fins

Good price and performance of fins for beginner of free diving. It is durable and good prices.

Good price and performance of fins.


The product was exactly what I ordered 👍🏻

Great Deal
Great Deal

Perfect Price best product