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Greatever Men's Surfing Springsuit -- Fancy
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Customer Reviews

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E. M. Einstein
Warm, flexible, though hard to get in/out

I’ve never owned a long sleeve suit, and never owned one that you get into from the top like this one. Pro: it’s warmer than the thickness might suggest. Very flexible, comfortable to swim in. Once it’s on, super comfortable and it’s fine. Con: getting it on is a struggle. I have a shoulder injury, and getting it on and off is like a wrestling match. Maybe that would be true of every possible long sleeve version. One way or another, it’s not for anyone with range of motion issues. I called the company because I’m between sizes and they gave me good advice on which size to get.

Diane Brewer
Finally! A Comfortable Wetsuit!!!

After 40 years of surfing I have never tried a wetsuit on and called it comfortable up until now. Getting in and out of stiff, uncomfortable wetsuits to endure the Florida winter season was a dreadful drudgery that I endured over the years. This wetsuit is soft and flexible with no rubbing or rash zones. I can paddle endlessly without feeling weighed down by stiff neoprene and seams. It has been a chilly winter here this year and this wetsuit kept me toasty warm on the coldest and windiest days!

Eric J. Svancara
Don’t bother looking else where

I tried over $1,000 worth of wet suits, this is absolutely the most flexible and best feeling out of all brands periodVery easy to put in and take offFull rage of motion, I could snatch in this suitI promise you will know where the money wentThe only thing better is a fitted suit

Great Suit - Technobutter Rocks

Needed something warmer than my O'Neill 2/2 Reactor shorty for kiteboarding and also wanted something to stop my arms from baking in the sun for hours. At the same time I didn't want a traditional 3/2 full suit since the long legs are a little overkill and getting in and out of the suit is more of a production. A 3/2 is also a little too close to my O'Neill Physco1 4/3 (also a great suit). This suit accomplishes both things. The technobutter material is great - so stretchy and comfortable - it hardly feels like a wetsuit. It also makes the suit fit well even if you don't quite meet the sizing chart - I need a large but am not quite the minimum 5'10" on the chart, but it still fits fine since the material stretches out and conforms to your body from an initial smaller size than the starting measurements on the chart. Getting in and out is a little more of a procedure, but you can't have everything and after a few times , you get used to it. Really happy with the suite.

Trent S.

Amazing. Most comfortable and warmest 2mm that I’ve had.

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