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Greatever Men's Swim Trunks - Tread

Greatever Men's Swim Trunks - Tread

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Looking for a stylish swimsuit that won't leave you feeling sticky or sweat-covered? Look no further than these lightweight beach pants! Made from quick-drying fabric, they keep you comfortable and dry all day long, while the colorful vintage plant printing will brighten up any pool or beach. Plus, the waistband is elastic for a snug, comfortable fit, and the pockets are conveniently located for your phone and sunglasses.


Size information

Size Height(cm) Waist(cm) Hip circumference(cm)
S 165 75cm   (27-29") 85
M 170 80cm (29-31") 90
L 175 85cm (31-33") 95
XL 180 90cm (33-36")



Fabric and Care

Fabric: Polyester.

Rinse in cold water immediately after wearing to rem ove some chlorine, saltwater, sunscreen and/or natural body oils.

Hand-wash your suits in cold water with a gentle laundry detergent or hand soap. Do not bleach, iron, or tumble dry.

Lay Flat to Dry. Hang drying can stretch out your suit. Laying flat to dry gives the fabric a chance to reshape.

For super-suit longevity, pre-rinse your SwimmingSuit in fresh water before diving into the pool or ocean. Salt, chlorine, and other particles cling to dry suits, so jumping in some clean water before your day at the beach/pool/park help maintain swimsuit fibers.


1.Do these shorts have pockets?

Yes,it has two standard pockets on the side.

2.Do this swim trunk have an attached mesh brief?

No,it isn't.

3.Does it have an inner liner?

No,it isn't.

4.Do they dry quickly?

These are very lightweight and quick drying.

5.Does the drawstring go all the way around, or is two pieces sewn into the sides?

All the way around.

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