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Greatever Snorkel Fins Full Foot - Trendy

Greatever Snorkel Fins Full Foot - Trendy

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The unique design of these fins helps you swim straight ahead while keeping your stroke balanced and smooth. Featuring silicone construction and ventilation for a cool, comfortable swim, these fins are also anti-slip for a secure grip. 

Size Chart

Size Men's Women's Outer Length Inner Length Foot width
XXXS 0.5-2 2-3.5
9.8" 7" 2.3"
XXS 2.5-4 4-5.5 10.6" 7.8" 2.3"
XS 4.5-5.5 6-7 11.4" 8.6" 2.7"
X 6-7 7.5-8.5 11.8" 9.4" 2.7"
M 7.5-9 9-10.5 12.6" 10.2" 3.5"
L 9.5-10.5 11-12 13.4" 11" 3.5"



1.Are the sizes right on or do they run small or large?

The sizes are right on. But if your feet are fat or wide, you may choose a larger size.

2.Do you wear boots with these fins?

You can wear these fins directly,also you can wear socks or boots if you wish to.

3.How much do they weigh?

It is 2.07 lbs (0.94kg).


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