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Greatever Swim Training Tube Centre Line Snorkel - Swank
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Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Great addition to my swim gear

Works well, comfortable, and has held up so far

Manivardhan Reddy
easy to use

I like it and helpful to use in under water swimming

Swimming Game Changer

I swim 60-75 laps daily at the Yband my neck hurt until I got this amazing snorkel. It is perfect for swimming laps in the pool. Highly recommend.

Christine McClelland
Comfortable and secure

Pliable, durable mouthpiece. Forehead braces and adjustable straps keep the snorkel securely in place. The only drawback is a screw that occasionally needs to be tightened. I use the snorkel for swimming laps - my neck is damaged and the snorkel allows me to swim without rotating my neck.

Dr. Jonn
Happy so far, intuitive use. A mod recommended

Bought a Zionor and Ameo Power breather at the same time. They are two different classes of snorkels. Zionor is a base prius, and Ameo is a fully loaded Tesla S model.Zionor is simple and easy to use basic snorkel that is positioned in front to assist with swimming laps. I have not tried the flip turns with this, but I didn't expect to use it for the turns. It is simple with not much to go wrong. The bolt is screwed in to the plastic hole, and I'd expect this to wear out in time. I'd recommend a lock washer to make sure the headband stays intact.[You don't want a snorkel trouble in the open ocean. I had a malfunction happen with a full faced snorkel mask and thought that I'd drown.]Ameo Power Breather is a sexy beast. It looks cool, and it was a super product from instruction, packaging, and features. It even has an adapter for flip turns. After trying out once, I decided to return it. There are two reasons. 1. It was more difficult to breath through this. I am asthmatic and didn't want struggle with it. I do think this will get athletes in shape faster by providing this resistance. Just not for me. 2. This sexy beast has a few moving parts. As a novice swimmer, I am concerned about a part failure while swimming. So I'm returning it. When I become a better swimmer, I'd like to try this out again.

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