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Greatever Adjustable Semi-dry Snorkel - Ratio

Greatever Adjustable Semi-dry Snorkel - Ratio

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  • Reduces jaw fatigue and folds compactly.Fot for adult Men/Women/youth teenager.
  • Balance lower purage valve easy for draining.
  • Ergonomic design easily attach to any regular snorkel/dive mask.
  • Food Grade Material
  • Comfort durability and smooth breathing in a sporty design.
  • 1. Drip out extra water from tube automatically.
  • 2. Clear the snorkel easilywith a good blow or liguid water.


1.Is this intended for mounting on the right or left side?

You can mount it on either side.

2.Is there a clip system to easily attach and remove it from the mask strap?

This snorkel does come with a mask clip. Clip on/off with single-handed action,easily attach to any regular diving mask.

3.Does the clip go between the straps or on the outside one that you pull to tighten it?
The snorkel will go on the inside strap that wraps around your head, not the excess strap from tightening. 

4.Can you change out the mouthpiece?

Yes, you do have the option to swap out the mouthpiece if you choose to do so. 

5.How long is it? How thick is the mouth bit?

This is the standard length of approximately 17.7 inches and the mouth piece is for medium to small mouths.

6.Is this item latex-free?

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