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Greatever Women's Swimsuit One Pieces-- Morgan

Greatever Women's Swimsuit One Pieces-- Morgan

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Bust Scarf: support for the chest, fixed position does not move.

Semi-circle movable chest cup:can be extracted at will, soft fit, natural modification of breast shape.


Abdominal sculpting mesh:squeeze the abdomen to be thin, showing an S-shaped body curve.


Chlorolycra-resistant spandex:made of ultra-strong chloro-lycra spandex for long-lasting elasticity good body sculpting effect.


Size Information

Size Hight(cm) Wight(kg) Waist(cm) Cup
S 155-159
70A 70B 70C  75A
M 160-164
46-54 65-72
75A 75B 75C 80A
L 165-169
50-58 69-76
80A 80B 80C  85A
XL 170-174 55-63
85A 85B 85C 90A
XXL 175-179 63-68 77-84 90A 90B 90C

Fabric and Care

Fabric Content: 82% nylon 18 spandex.

Rinse in cold water immediately after wearing to remove some chlorine, saltwater, sunscreen and/or natural body oils.

Hand-wash your suits in cold water with a gentle laundry detergent or hand soap. Do not bleach, iron, or tumble dry.

Lay Flat to Dry. Hang drying can stretch out your suit. Laying flat to dry gives the fabric a chance to reshape.

For super-suit longevity, pre-rinse your SwimmingSuit in fresh water before diving into the pool or ocean. Salt, chlorine, and other particles cling to dry suits, so jumping in some clean water before your day at the beach/pool/park help maintain swimsuit fibers.



1.Is the padding removable?

Yes they are removable . Small opening on inside of each area to remove padding.

2.I was confused by the size chart and ordered the wrong size,is it possible for me to exchange it for the correct size?

Yes, you can return and reorder correct size.

3. Does this have underwire?

There is no underwire.

4.How to remove the cups?

Please lay the bathing suit top face down, there is a small slit, you can remove or insert the cups from the slit.

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