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Greatever Women's Wetsuits - Sight

Greatever Women's Wetsuits - Sight

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The Women's 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit is perfect for keeping you warm in cold water and preventing your body temperature from dropping too quickly.

  • Made out of tough leather, these suits have a waterproof water lock temperature effect to keep you warm and protected.
  • The cuffs and ankles are designed to fit the skin,preventing waterfrom coming in while diving.
  • Long strips of Velcro make the end of the zipper more enveloping,preventing it from being washed away or flood with water.
  • The silicone printing design on the knee protects your knee and reduces friction.

Size Chart

Warm Tips:

1.Please measure your height and weight,then refer to your waist,chest and hips to get suitable size.You may feel a little tight the first time you try wetsuit on,but this will give you good buoyancy and warmth.You need to use the wetsuit slowly.
2.When you put on the wetsuit for the first time,you will smell some odour.please don't worry,this smell is not harmful to you.Our wetsuit rings use environmentally friendly glue.

Size Weight(lbs) Height(Feet) Chest(inch) Waist(inch) Hip(inch)
XS 87-102 lbs  4'10"-5'1" 30"-32" 24"-26" 32"-34"
S 102-117 lbs 5'1"-5'3" 32"-34"
M 117-132 lbs 5'2"-5'4" 34"-36"
L 132-147 lbs 5'3"-5'5" 36"-38"
XL 147-162 lbs 5'7"-5'9" 38"-40"


Materials & Care

Please wash with cold water.

Greatever Wetsuit Care

  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not wring dry
  • Hand wash
  • Air-drying



1.Does this wetsuit prevent from jellyfish stings?

Yes, for sure. For the body covered by suit jellyfish can not puncture it.

2.Is this waterproof? 

The wetsuit for diving / snorkeling / kayaking / fishing, is waterproof if the water come from outside, but indeed when you play in the water, the water will come into your wetsuit.
The key function for wetsuit is keep the water between your body and wetsuit stable and warm ( not keep exchange heating from your body to make you cold).

3.Is this wetsuit good for surfing?

Yes, it's good for surfing.

4.How cold of water will this be best in?

3mm wetsuit is suitable for the 70℉-87℉.

5.What is the SPF rating?

This suit used best nylon neoprene material, not only for the heat keeping but also provide greate sun protection with SPF rating 50+ performance.